The stage is finally set for to bless us with his first song of 2021 but that is not without some controversy after confirming the tittle of the song to be ‘1 Gad’ just days after released ‘1 Don’.

The Two heavyweights clashed several times in different categories, being it a lyrical jab in their musics,slight digs during live videos or other social media activities aimed at each other and event went physical when things intensify at the Vodafon Music Awards. 2019. A topic reserved for another day.

Back to the main issue, is the first among the two to come out with his Nickname ‘1 Gad’, all of a sudden also outdoors a new similar nickname ‘1 Don’. The BHIM boss has since never thought of titling any track with his nickname until Shatta did, so what are they up to?

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Looking at ’s artwork ahead of the track’s release, he subtly stated that he is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) making one of the factors influencing their actions mentioned above to be a rivalry, yes a good, competitive and healthy one with Stone having the mind to counter his rival’s song to prove he is the real deal taking into consideration he was the one who came out with such nickname first.

img 3018
’s artwork for the release of 1 Gad

Another factor could be pure smartness from both acts, this time from the Camp of Stonebwoy, having realized after Shatta’s 1 Don track that having a tune influenced by your nickname will easily be captured by many just as his ‘BHIM Nation Anthem’ is still on the lips of most music lovers today.

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1 Don is available on all streaming platforms while ‘1 Gad’ will be available by Friday 5th February.

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