News websites play a major role in conveying accurate information to people. They are very passionate about spreading news concerning the various sectors of the state.

Many of these news companies also work tirelessly to help us know what is going on around the world. The roles the news websites play in spreading information across can not be undermined and therefore, they deserve merits for their great jobs.

Here are some of the best news websites so far who have made a tremendous impact in sharing accurate information and helping us to be current in the affairs of our beloved country Ghana and the world.

The list of the websites below are not in any rank or competitions, they are only recognized by their impact and tireless works all these while. This is to say that, the list below is not intended to rank any website better than the other. These are only suggestions that will help you to get yourself updated on current affairs.


Ghanaweb is a news website that publishes everything related to Ghana. The news website is one of the oldest in Ghana launched in 1999. They also publish news concerning Africa and the world at large. News published on this website is authentic and they do not entertain false information. You can visit their website, for every day updates on news concerning Ghana and Africa.

YEN.COM.GH is a Ghanaian website that is passionate about sharing joyful and intriguing news to make every Ghanaian happier. They always deliver fun and cheerful news to entertain their readers. They always give accurate and up-to-date news. Check their website

MYNEWSGH.COM is one of the fast-rising news websites in Ghana. This website was launched in 2017 by a journalist and has expanded rapidly due to their tireless works. Many other websites also source their news from You can visit them at

MYJOYONLINE.COM is the largest independent commercial, media, and entertainment company in Ghana.  It was founded in 1995 by a Ghanaian entrepreneur. They pride themselves in their independence and over the years have established themselves as a fiercely independent voice, speaking truth to power, reporting and exposing corruption in public institutions, shedding light on and confronting negative and social norms and practices.  Check on them at


3news is one of the fastest-growing news websites in Ghana. They are passionate about spreading news concerning Ghana. Their creativity alone got a lot of people to their website. You can get all your breaking news updates, latest news headlines, local and world stories, showbiz, and lifestyle. Visit them on


Citinewsroom is a Ghanaian website that delivers high quality innovative and alternative news. It is the online news portal for Citi 97.3 FM and Citi TV. They are one of the best when it comes to sharing accurate news. They are also very unique in broadcasting their news through their various broadcast channels. You can visit them on

PEACEFMONLINE.COM offers its reading audience with a comprehensive online source for up-to-the-minute news about politics, business, entertainment, and other issues affecting the African continent. features the latest multimedia technologies, from live audio streaming to audio packages and RSS syndication tools. We also offer audio on demand for previously recorded programs we have available in the audio archives. Visit them on


Modern Ghana is an online media portal that since its inception in August 2005 has met the demands of readers and visitors with the increasing population of the online community. The news portal has brought news stories and information to all Ghanaian and other international viewers who currently make up a large audience online. You can visit them at

GRAPHIC.COM.GH, being one of the news websites in Ghana boast of providing its audience with credible and timely news about the happenings in Ghana. They are also one of the websites that are known for providing the audience with accurate information concerning matters arising. They re quick in updating their website with current news. You can visit them on

STARRFM.COM.GH is Ghana’s breaking news hub of choice. This award-winning portal delivers news in an unparalleled journalistic style than any other mainstream news site. You can visit them at

PULSE.COM.GH is Ghana’s popular news platform online highlighting the entertainment, style and news that are part of Ghana’s and the West African DNA. There are many voices out there covering news, music, movies and entertainment in general. Pulse Ghana is there to make those voices louder and connect with a global audience. You can visit them at www.pulse,


The Ghana News Agency is the official news agency of the country of Ghana. It was founded in 1957 by Kwame Nkrumah as part of a “network of coercive and partisan institutions,” in a concerted effort to present a more favorable view of the country to the outside world and to control the flow of information nationally. You can visit them at

ADOMONLINE.COM is your news, politics, business, sports, entertainment, a lifestyle website. We provide you with the latest breaking news and content straight from the motherland Ghana and other countries beyond. You can visit them at

All these websites work tirelessly to bring out the information needed by Ghanaians. They also work in their own capacity to research matters concerning the country of Ghana.