dzodze penyi senior high school

An 18-year-old traditional priest identified as Galley Felix has been denied admission by Dzodze-Penyi Senior High School in the Ketu North Municipality.

The young man is said to have been recently initiated as a chief — “Togbui Tueve Awunyo II” of Ative (ativɛ).

By virtue of his royal status, he’s obligated to wear a cap on his head all the time.


Hence, due to this, he has been denied admission by the school.

Myjoyonline reports that all the reasons Galley had presented to the authorities for wearing the cap were ignored.

Offered to study Visual Arts, Galley Felix revealed that harm would befall his community and himself should the school still insist he takes off his religious cap before being given admission.

“I gained admission to Dzodze-penyi Senior High, but I was told I would only be allowed into the school if I remove my cap, but according to our culture, there is no way I can remove it. I tried explaining to the school why I wear the cap, but the school insisted I take it off before being allowed in the school.”

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“I could go mad and many things could happen to my community if I remove my cap in public. I have been wearing this [cap] for 13 years, and no one has asked me to remove it because they know the ramifications,” he bemoaned.

The 18-year-old who is also handicapped on the right side strongly believes formal education is the only way for him to attain his life objectives.

But speaking on behalf of the school, Headteacher, Matthew Troha said specific processes and codes of conduct are being followed by authorities of the school.

According to him, Galley Felix would not be permitted till he decides to forfeit wearing his cap or files a request to seek permission from the school.

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