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Lyrics: A-Reece – Gone Are The Days


A-Reece – Gone Are The Days Lyrics

[Verse] Gone are the days I made music for all my crushes
Rather naive I believed it’d get me somewhere but
Chances are she don’t know or never heard it
Which makes everything awkward
When you finally meet in person ‘coz
Eventually you bring it up in conversation like
“Yo, you heard the album? Tell me which song is your favourite”
Expecting her to pick that specific one that you did for her
So it becomes more easier convincing her you fuck with her
Not just ‘coz you you coming up
But because you would actually like to fuck and stuff
Just before that cuddle up
Only after she’s accepted that you’ve spoken or know each other well enough to build some trust
But see, for her that’s the confusing part
It’s far fetched, not even because she got a partner, maybe a couple of ex’s, won’t even help saying that I’m patient, it’s

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long stretched
I guess that I’m just young and maybe overly obsessed
Now I just, hope that I, grow out of it by the day and nowadays I keep skipping that song like I ain’t even make it
A couple demos wasted, cool. Got that out the way and like that tattoo on your skin baby, I love you anyway

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Who the fuck this nigga talking ’bout? Yo, who you talking ’bout?
Nah but on the real, who this nigga talking ’bout?
Who the fuck you talking ’bout?

A-Reece – Gone Are The Days Lyrics

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