Adu safowaah and Mona Gucci

It appears really have a lot of enemies as actress Adu Safowaah has sent some stray bullets her way — revealing dirty secrets about the Kantanka TV presenter.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Adu Safowaah claims Mona Gucci takes home a monthly salary of GHS800 as a presenter at Kantanka TV.

She revealed other deep secrets. Read her full post below:


“S3 Nipa oooo, s3 dwarf ooo, S3 kwahu pippo ooo, very Disgusting animal existing among humans Abigail semeha.

At 45 you still rent? Boi, no side job aside your 800 gh pay at d station? Gosh..

Mona semeha smelling pu**y bleached, I beg eeerh tell the world how you blackmailed

Pastor prince after he had a tin with you when he came on ur show ok…

You said you and re dating one guy? Wait ooo, probably at d cemetery where you belong ok.

told you about her move to kingdom fm, you guys blackmailed her and took over the shows for her… Evil dead Mona.. where are your parents?

Which I don’t think you have ooooo, boi … u look like been birthed by the clays around our shores… Nipa gyengyen ti s3 wo.

You said Kojo Sarfo was to marry you? Probably he wanted to be sleeping with another Man called Abigail semeha… this is a tip of the iceburg… I play this game so bad eeerh ….

wo ho tantan. A next time. Tell me ur size of shoe or heels, my girl @aketesiafashionstore will deliver u some, so at least ur feet move from animal kingdom to human living.”

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