robert alai bible in. hotel

Kenyan Blogger, Robert Alai has raised a serious argument against places of hospitality where Bible is placed in hotel rooms.

In a post on Facebook, Robert is of the view that putting Bibles in hotel rooms is discrimination against people of other religions.

So if they want to meet the need of everyone, then, these hotel rooms should be stocked with religious books of other religions and not only the Bible.


He wrote: “Why do we have this in every hotel room in Kenya? Can’t we have hospitality industry and MagicalKenya develop publications to be out in every room and not then every room into a church?

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Not everyone looking for accommodation in Kenya is on a missionary journey. Either put all the religious books including Gita, Quran and those for our traditional religions or simply put none.

I have a Bible on my phone. I can access when I feel spiritual. Stop using Christianity to colonies us further.

Stop it.”



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