disappointed lady

A disappointed girlfriend has messaged relationship counselor, on the fact that her boyfriend bought her an android phone whiles he uses two iphones.

The lady claims as for this year 2021, she’ll no more use android because her level is above that.

Read her full message below:


“He bought me android and he uses 2 iPhone 

good morning.

Please don’t reveal my ID, This guy have been dating for 5 months bought me an android phone, I have been hinting him that I want an iPhone X at least.

But he bought me an android and he now sent a case that looks like iPhone case Is he joking or what?

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Mind you he uses an iPhone of his own. I told myself I won’t use android this year 2021 am not on that level again.

I have not open the phone pack, he sent the phone by delivery to me on campus I want to know if it is rude to tell him to buy another one.

I calculated it the fee he will add on top for the iPhone X What Do I do ? This phone is not worthy of my second sim Joro Please post. Sorry for the early mail”

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