suspicious wife

A wife is suspicious of her husband having an affair with his friend’s wife.

Below was her message to relationship counsellor seeking for advice:



Hi joro,

So ladies and gentlemen in the house ,I want to play a little story for the house to read and judge for me .

So I have been married to my husband for a year now and he has always had closeness with his friend’s wife that I have never been comfortable about but I didn’t want to seem like the over-jealous wife so I didn’t say much but he is usually super overprotective about anything that comes to her (you can never say anything negative about her without him picking a fight) but never does that when it comes to me (that aside)

I started feeling uncomfortable with their closeness till the devil or maybe even God made her ask me a question in front of my husband.

We all went to out to hangout and got really tipsy ,so while highness cruise was going on she asked me and I quote “if my husband’s dick is still long and big ??”

At first I thought it was just the alcohol talking but she kept asking the question over and over but I was dumbfounded so I didn’t answer and I didn’t want to get physical with her plus I wanted to ask my husband before I take any decision but I raised it when I was sure the alcohol had cleared from my husband’s eyes ,my husband’s response almost made me go crazy ,he said she was joking that she jokes like that, then he concluded it by saying that if I’m expecting him stop talking to her then I must be joking in his words “I can’t be ungrateful after everything she had done for me in this life “.

I know I love myself so much not to believe it but I want to ask the ladies and gents in the house , Is my mind playing trick on me that there is a possibilities they haven’t had anything or am I right that there is a dead rat smelling by the corner?? y darling husband I know you might read this but better pray hard it’s not true because i would go to any length to find out if it’s true JUST PRAY HMMM #smiles# I no fit Dey water make soap enter my eyes .

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