Musician has urged music producers and musicians to do the “right” when handling financial issues.

Speaking to Doreen Avio , the “Mia” Hit maker suggested that since we are in the digital age, where streaming of songs is a source of making money, producers must also be credited when these songs are uploaded and also contract signed to know the which percentage of money earned will go the producer and the musician.

“Now is the PRS era and the streaming era, so we just have to sit down and do things right. It is not about this one gave me money; oh gave me momo so should give me MOMO. We should see the difference. If the artiste come and you tell him that this is my price sheet, I have registered PRS, so if you upload the song on the internet, add my name and my account my money will come to me”. He said

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This comes on the back after Music Producer accused dancehall artiste of not paying him after Shatta Wale named his best music producers on social media.

This generated a lot of banter between the two on social media.

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