ball j, medikal and strongman
Medikal is a better rapper than Strongman - Ball J

There’s this popular notion that doesn’t include sensible things in his lyrics and that he always play with trending terms to catch the attention of music lovers.

Reacting to these perceptions about the AMG rapper, veteran rapper and sound engineer, said he does not see MDK as such.

According to him, Samuel Frimpong as he’s known in real life is a very good rapper and a poet just that people do not realize that.


He’s a poet but people don’t realise it, and he does it in a jovial way, so you’ll think he’s doing ruff but if you hear his music, you’ll realise it’s education.”, he stated.

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The NEAT FM Host then asked that between MDK and , who would he choose as his best rapper.

And he replied that he’ll choose Medikal.

Elaborating on why he’ll do so, he noted that Strongman is a very good rapper but when it comes to commercial appeal, Medikal is far ahead. And that’s the reason why he’ll choose him over the ex-Sarkcess Music signee.

Listen to him below:

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