akuapem poloo jail prophecy
'She was cursed by a local chief' - Prophet predicted Akuapem Poloo's jail sentence in 2020

A new video has emerged showing that one man of God Osofo Dankwa made a prophecy on ’s court issue and jail sentence.

In the video below, Osofo Dankwa revealed that Akuapem Poloo was cursed by a local chief for using ‘Akuapem’ in her nickname.

So if she can remove ‘Akuapem’ from her name, things would be smoother for her else she may fall into trouble which will drain her financially.


He added that the actress must see an anointed man of God who can help break the curse on her life.

Osofo Dankwa said this in 2020 — it cannot be confirmed if Akuapem Poloo got his message.

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However, sadly, it appears his words have come to pass.

Watch the video below:

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