Popular Ghanaian actor, Kwadwo Nkansah, known as Lilwin, is unhappy about how entertainers are compared in the country.

Speaking in an interview that ZionFelix, popular vlogger in Ghana,  Lilwin cautioned people to stop the unnecessary comparisons.

Talking about his issue with Dr Likee, he averred it’s a mismatch if they compare the former to him.


Lilwin emphasized the number of movies he has shot in the industry. Based on this, he tagged himself as a legend.

He sees it as detrimental if people compare Dr Likee, someone who is popular on YouTube, to a movie star. Lilwin reiterated that he is on a different level.

However, clarified that he has nothing against Dr Likee, adding that it’s good to get more stars in the Ghanaian movie industry.

Watch his interview with ZionFelix below: 

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