3 Ghanaian Police officers assault Uber Driver

There’s a video trending online which sees 3 Ghanaian Police officers assaulting an Uber Driver.

Narration from the lady recording the video from afar suggests that they were assaulting the Uber over packing space.

In the video, on Police officer was shouting on the to step out of his car…and the driver also hesitated.

Then, another Police joined him and they were pulling him out of the car.

Then finally, the came out and they started beating him up.

From the look of things, the didn’t want to retaliate but he was also throwing his hands.

Then came a third Police officer forcing a handcuff on the hand of the and what followed wasn’t nice at all.

Simply put, the Police were so unprofessional.

From how they conducted themselves, one can say that they were just picked from the street and uniforms were given to them to wear.

Such a disgrace to the Police Service…even if the was at fault, that wasn’t the right way to react. And what has he done to deserve a handcuff on his hands?

video below:


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Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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