4 Ghanaian Police officers assault a man after he asked that they shouldn’t shout at him

There’s a new video trending on media which sees about 4/5 Ghanaian Police officers assaulting a certain man.

From the video, the was telling the Police officers not to shout at him.

Then the Police officers continued shouting even more at him as if he was a child.

There and then again, one of the Police officers call the man a foolish man and the man also replied back that he’s also a foolish Police officer.

So the 4 Police pounced on the man with an intention to handcuff him…another Police was heard saying that let’s send him to the Station.

The man in the video has been identified as Kwabena Afriyie Obeng, a Sports Journalist with Kumasi’s Nhyria FM who is popularly known as OB Trice.

Watch video below:


The Police Service should know with all due respect that we respect everyone of them as citizens but the level at which they disrespect us is just too much.

Once they’re in their Uniforms, some of them think they’re Supermen or demigods.

As citizens of Ghana, we also have our rights and freedom…so they should know how they talk to us sometimes.

Just a couple of days ago some 3 Police officers assaulted a man who is said to have tried to overtake other cars at Sowutuom, in Accra.

The man, who tried to resist the arrest, was dragged out of his car by the officers, leading to a scuffle between them.

A lady passenger in the car who tried to calm the situation was slapped by one of the officers. (see details HERE)

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Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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