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4 ways ‘broke’ guys can make their partners happy this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

It is reported that across the world, Valentine’s Day is one of the most commercially-vibrant days of the year.

Everything from houses to key-holders are bought and sold on this day. And so if you are a man, it is understandable if you feel a little  pressured.

The fear of appearing cheap makes people spend outside their means. This becomes a problem when you’re not financially sound during the love season.

But do not feel left out because you can celebrate the occasion with your partner even if you are on a budget. Here’s what to do:

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1. Prepare a meal for her.

Man cooking

Sometimes, they say it is not the volume of the gift but the thought that counts. Well-meaning people can appreciate good effort.

So why don’t you just stay at home and cook for your partner? It does not matter very much if you are not a good cook.


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2. Send a hamper to her workplace.


Women love to let others know that they are in love. So they would not worry if you surprise them with a beautiful hamper at her workplace.

Hampers can be very expensive. But you do not need to go over and above to be loving.

3. Call into a radio or TV show and give her a shout out.

This is a bold move that is telling the whole world whom you are with. She will be glad that you are not shy to hide her.

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It won’t cost you anything.

4. Propose marriage.

romantic silhouette

If you are ready, have been together long enough, and have the acceptance of family and friends, Valentine’s Day is a good day to propose.

You are not forced to do this with a 24-carat diamond ring. The point is, you are telling her you are ready to make your relationship forever.


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