After a long social media jabs and interview talks, decided to face Lyrically. He did exactly that in a song he titled Who Born Dog.

As we await the reigning artist of the year’s reply, Let’s take a look at 5 punches threw to him.

1. “Your entire career won’t compete with my one hit song” Gueu is trying to tell everyone if they should combine all of ’s music career, it will not be upto the level of either Lapaz Toyota or Alkaida. The fact that Kuami Eugene see himself ahead of him is something he don’t even want to listen to and that could be the reason he brought this line to let Eugene understand he is a small boy in the game.

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2. “I thought singers always look sexy” is a singer and has been in the news in past times for his bad choice of fashion so this particular line wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone even though he has improved massively and dressing very well just like any other respected celeb.

3. “Your dressing basaa like elective maths question” is still talking about his colleagues poor fashion here as alhe claim earlier if there’s one confusing question you would like to dodge, it is from elective maths.

4. “You want to compare Today’s Bukom Banku to Professor Azumah?” when you mention boxing in Ghana, the first person that comes to mind is Azumah Nelson even though Bukom Banku has dominated the sports today. Now relating it to their beef, rates himself as the Azumah Nelson who has seen it all and considered a legend in the game and is Music’s Bukom Banku making waves today so there’s no way they should be compared since the legendary boxer is still well respected than today’s champion, Bukom.

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5. “If you are dope you wouldn’t jealous nation”. Massive word play from here with dope nation, The dou who exit Lynx entertainment after their contract expired. controversially made a statement during an interview that he is happy to see his label turn their back on them. A comment everyone treated as jealousy.

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