There are lots of controversies concerning the 5G network looking at the harm it can cause to humanity.

It is believed that, the radiation alone that the 5G network release is enough to kill human being.

However, despite the harm it can cause to human, it also have some good aspects when it comes to the speed of the internet.

5G speed can go as high as 980Mbps (megabyte per second ) according to the verge.

This means that the 5G will be able to give us access to many devices faster than that of the 4G.

5G is ten times faster than that of the 4G which makes 5G extra ordinary.

Many phones are being released which supports the 5G network.

Today, one of the devices was used to test the speed of the network and it was amazing.

Looking at the speed of this network, it requires a lot of power to be able to function.

People’s opinion about the health hazard might be true after all but let me know what you think about the 5G network in the comment session.

Watch the video below: