The coronavirus pandemic is spreading through the United States, and the world, at a shockingly rapid pace. And one of the places it’s hitting worst is the prison system.

Inmates and correction officers across the country have already tested positive for the virus, and experts are describing the situation as a “ticking time bomb.”

With that in mind, many inmates are arguing that they should be released early. Among that number are several high-profile prisoners, including R. Kelly.

The risk of illness in the pandemic has also made its way into the 6ix9ine case.

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Kintea “Kooda B” McKenzie, one of the defendants in the case, was recently granted release on bond until his sentencing in June, specifically because he was at “high risk” (due to his asthma) of contracting COVID-19 in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center federal jail, where he has been housed since June 17, 2019.

And now, 6ix9ine himself looks almost certain to get out early as well.

6ix9ine is anticipated to be released from Prison shortly after his Judge and Prosecutor both agree that he should be given ‘Home Confinement’ aka ‘House Arrest’ to serve the rest of his sentence due to his asthma medical condition during the coronavirus outbreak.

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All thats left is a signature from the judge on the docs that would allow US Marshalls to release 6ix9ine from Custody at their ‘Private Facility’ and institute at home monitoring procedures and also possible restrictions (could be restricted from internet or other things)

Here’s everything you need to know about that.