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Eight-month-old Manneseh Atsitsogbui is in dire need of GHS6,126 for surgery at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital else he might lose his life.

The young boy has a history of hydrocephalus — a build-up of fluid in the cavities deep within the brain.

This situation is making his head get bigger and bigger every day.

The extra fluid puts pressure on the brain and can cause brain damage.

The boy’s parents were to pay the amount last month 29th December 2020 but due to financial harship, they have still not raised the money.

They’re hence appealing to the public to come to their aid.

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Contributions can be sent to 0540193766 (Bernice Bina).

Please nothing is too small. Even if it’s GHS1, kindly donate so that we can all help save his life.

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