Juliet Ibrahim is one of the most beautiful actresses that Ghana can boast of.

But one thing that people use to mock her despite her beauty is the fact that she has knocked-knees/K-Legs.

A lot of trolls have used this to tease and make fun of her.

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Juliet ibrahim

Well, she posted a photo of herself and as usual one fan came under the comments session asking that has she serviced her K-Legs?

The follower commented; “Ma, have u serviced ur K-leg/knocked knees yet? Surgery …

Juliet Ibrahim didn’t close her eyes on the comment at all as she also retorted savagely.

In response, she said the follower should also do a brain surgery and once he’s done, she’ll also work on her K-Legs.

“Do you mean the brain surgery that you require? DIMWIT … No worries, I’ll do mine immediately after your brain transplant”, her reply reads.

Screenshot below: