A good nation is the one who is judged by how it treats its lowest citizens and make them a priority; not its highest ones – Nelson Mandela


    In this time of a global pandemonium, this quote from Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela must be what all nations must learn and implement.

    The COVID-19 has proven that nations across the globe must begin to give premium attention to its lowest citizens who are poor, needy and vulnerable.

    Opinion | What Mandela Lost - The New York Times

    Nelson Mandela meant that the highest citizens are already privileged and the nation must not continue to put them first in the scheme of things.

    Nelson Mandela expects governments of nations to take the welfare of the least and give them all the necessities of life to help them come out from the doldrums of poverty and deprivation.

    However, the opposite of this quote is what pertains. The needs of the lowest ones are deemed irrelevant and kept on the shelves. The rich receive the VIP services and the well-to-do in the society eats and bulges at the mercy of the poor.

    It is high time nations put the needs of the lowest first and consider their wants as a necessity. The national cake should be shared equally so they too can have something to laugh about.

    May COVID-19 serve as a clarion call to wake us from our slumber of negligence, oblivion, and hypocrisy. Live and let’s live.





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