A Nigerian relationship counselor identified on Twitter as Falilat has said that women should not waste their time on men below the age 40 because they are not marriage materials.

She also went ahead to say that if a man is in his early 30s, like 30-33 years, then it’s better for the lady to focus on herself.

Falilat didn’t give any reasons for her comments but from tweets made by her followers in reaction to her post, what she means to say is, younger men are many a time trying to be stable with life and all that so dating younger ones mostly lead to heartbreaks since they don’t really know what they want.

But a much older man in his 40s maybe already stable with his mind made up on what he wants in a woman so he has no time to waste.

A lot of female followers agreed with Falilat.

However, a few others also said a man’s readiness for marriage can’t be determined by age since maturity isn’t about the number of years you have lived on earth.

See her tweets below: