From ages, many people do not see the importance of a man being a virgin compared to a woman.

In fact, in every marital moment, families do seek to know if the woman or lady involved is a virgin or not without asking that of the man.

They believe polygyny (marriage in which two or more women share a husband) is practiced in Africa.

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Well, a Facebook user with the name Tina Gold believes it is totally useless for a man to be a virgin.

According to her, a man’s virginity is needless as compared to the ‘P’ in ‘Pneumonia.’

Making her point, she posted:

“A boy’s virginity is as useless as the ‘P’ in Pneumonia.😷🤭😷.”

Well, I will continue to keep mine intact till further notice.

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Do you agree with her?

See The Screenshot Below:

'A man's virginity is useless' - Lady speaks