In this dispensation of equality and feminism, it is prudent women play their roles and share all responsibilities equally with men.

According to a gentleman identified as Billy Graham, the spirit of equality will be defeated if women are not ready to match up men not only in leadership and education but also in the discharge of responsibilities.

Billy Graham has shared a very interesting yet unpopular opinion about wedding expenses and why it must be a shared responsibility.

According to the post he shared in a group on Facebook, women should be ready to foot 40 per cent of wedding expenses if they want to be married.

Billy Graham was of the view that any woman who is not ready to render help to the marriage ceremony with a 40 per cent momentary support is not worth the marrying.

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Ironically, most women disagreed with his statement while the men were in agreement with him.

Some reactions below:

Nambie Noella wrote: Why does some men tink dat marrying a woman is doing her some big favor. Mtcheeww.

Gifty Adjin said: Despite’s son won’t talk like this da.

Maabena wrote: Ladies u for shine your eyes well well na this type man will tell you am paying fees so buy uniform and paying rent so you should also pay the bills. Marriage is for matured minded men not small boys like your type. You see why most of the women don’t respect their men again?let your woman do her duties and you also do your responsibities as man 😊don’t share your responsibities with your wife she is there to support you not to share responsibities.How would you feel if your wife tells you honey ayam preparing the soup so you too prepare the banku? Your man supporting you in the kitchen doesn’t mean you should share your duties with him😁so our dear men,we are here to support you not for you to share your responsibities with us😊 Medaaaase

Raphael Tumy wrote: So the ladies that are being defensive and apprehensive what’s your reason? Something 2 people will enjoy, you want one person to bear the burden? Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

Sultan Ibrahim wrote: Is it because he said percentage that’s why some of the ladies are angry anaa? Contributing to your own wedding won’t cause you any harm..I thought many of ya all been saying marriage is a partnership..

Screenshot Of Post Below:

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