Abuse: Who Is Judy Smith Teacher? Laurens Elementary School In Georgia Under Fire For Assault On Student

People are demanding that Judy Smith, a first-grade teacher at Laurens Elementary School in Georgia, be fired for assaulting a child. Continue reading the article to learn more about the case.

Judy Smith, a teacher from Laurens County High School in Georgia, was in the news nearly 4 ago in 2018 for inappropriate behavior with a minor.

Despite the fact that there was ample evidence, she was neither fired nor charged for her actions. And people are still signing the petition to have her fired.

Abuse: Who Is Judy Smith Teacher?

Judy Smith was a first-grade teacher of Laurens elementary school in Georgia who has allegedly abused a minor student in school. The case resurfaced online about a year later after someone uploaded a video of her assaulting a child.


She has been teaching at the school for ten now. And according to her profile, she is married to her husband Mark A. Smith for over two decades now.

Ms. Smith has two children, daughter Hannah, and son Jacob. Her daughter graduated from WLHS in 2015 and earned an associate’s degree from Middle Georgia State University in Dublin in 2017.

She is currently pursuing a degree in Interior Design at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro.

On the other hand, their son graduated from WLHS in 2016. He enrolled at Middle Georgia State University to pursue a degree in Aviation.

He had completed his solo flight successfully and had begun studying for his pilot license test when he decided he would rather pursue a degree in Information Technology.

He is still pursuing an I.T. degree at Middle Georgia State University.

Ms. Smith is also a graduate of Middle Georgia in Psychology and Early Childhood Education. She received her bachelor’s degree of Science in Early Childhood Education from Georgia Southern University.

And Later, she received her Master of Education from Walden University. She expresses her gratitude towards the school for entrusting her with first-year grade.

Is Judy Smith Fired From Laurens Elementary School In Georgia For Assault On Student?

No, Judy Smith is still not fired from Laurens Elementary school in Georgia for assault on a student. Despite the fact that the video of her abusing the child has gone on media and people are signing a petition to fire her.

The school has yet to take action against her.

A spokesperson for the school district stated that aside from the unrelated media postings about the school district. Nothing has happened to suggest that the incident should be revisited.

The poster of the images was asked to remove them. “In this case, we are not responsible for the images that were posted, and we are fanatical in protecting the privacy rights of all of our students,” he added.

Furthermore, regarding the teacher involved, Laurens County Sheriff Larry Dean stated that no complaints about the case were filed with his department.

Let’s Revisit The Video Where Judy Smith Grabs The By The Face

In the video, Judy Smith approaches a young girl and grabs the by the face as she appears to be speaking sternly to the student.

It first shows her face moving very to the child’s as she reaches up with her left hand and quickly jerks the child’s face to the left to face hers.

The teacher steps back for a moment, then closes in again, grabbing the child by the lower jaw and jerking her head to the left.

Several other children are standing in with the child who appears to be being disciplined for the majority of the confrontation.

Another teacher, who has been standing by the entire time, eventually begins motioning for the other children to continue on to their destination.

As the other students leave, Ms. Smith continues to hold the child by the face. At this point, the child in the of the video is seen wiping away tears as the teacher finally steps away.

Watch the full video here

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