There has been a rampant increase in accident cases on the Accra-Kumasi road recently.

A fatal one of them happened few days ago on 25th February 2021, which caused almost twenty passengers to loose their lives.

As a result, travellers who mostly use the single carriageway from Accra-Kumasi calls on the government to put in place some measures to reduce or better still cease the rise of accident on the road.


According to them, the main causes of the accidents is the road being single and also the reckless driving of some drivers most especially the VIP drivers.fb img 161436491207586802779380086476726102The above picture taken by a traveller showing a careless overtaken by two VIP buses is a clear example.

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Therefore, they demand a dual carriageway on the Accra-Kumasi road and ask drivers to undergo an intensive training before driving on the road.

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