Nigerian actor Williams Uchemba has been hospitalized after been hit by a minor sickness. Narrating what he has learnt after these few days of sickness, Mr. Uchemba said he has realised that our body breaks down if or when we forget to stop and take care of our health.

He also revealed that he first feared it was COVID-19 that caught up with him but after several tests, it showed that he’s negative to the pandemic disease.

Sharing a photo from his recovery bed, Williams wrote:

I guess the body breaks down when/if we forget to stop and take care of our health. The past few weeks have reminded me of how we take good health for granted. Since my return to Nigeria from the US, I’ve been unable to sleep at night and in the morning, I head out for my daily activities, neglecting my sleep. Few weeks ago was the height of the stress cos I’ve been taking an online program at Harvard University which runs through the night. In the morning I head out for outreach to feed people on the street so last two weeks my body parked up and I had to be taken to the hospital. They ran all the tests and No it wasn’t Covid 19 😂 thankfully. I was under immense stress. Thanks to each and everyone of you that noticed my absence on social media and left tons of messages. I feel a lot better now Swipe left to see my current state. All thanks and Glory be to God Almighty . What have I missed?