Ada Jesus has been rumored to be down with stoke and since it’s medically impossible has been advised to go and plead with some people she offended with her post on Facebook and got cursed by them to avert the curses laid on her.

Two of the people happen to be pastor Odumeje and actress Rita Edochie who Ada Jesus claimed helped to perform some fake miracles in his church and the man of God angrily cursed her and as a result, has been down with a stroke.


A recent video that has surfaced on the net shows Ada Jesus and her family in the church of pastor Odumeje apologizing to him to forgive her so she can be well again but has been alleged that he has refused to accept the apology.

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From the video shared, pastor Odumeje was so reluctant in accepting the apology of Ada Jesus and her family as he only recounted how Ada Jesus damaged his image with what she wrote on her Facebook wall asking her to go and bring the others with her.

Whether pastor Odumeje and actress Rita Edochie will forgive Ada Jesus we can’t tell for now but the situation in which Ada Jesus is currently isn’t good at all and needs prayers from all her loved ones at the moment.

video below;

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