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Adebayor reacts to Funny Face’s decision to release the secrets of Kalybos, Bismark the Joke and Lilwin

Actor and comedian, Funny Face came this morning with shots thrown at fellow actors, Kalybos, Bismark the Joke, and Lilwin.

Well, Adebayor has come out with full support for Funny Face that he should do what he wants to do and that he’s solidly behind him.

Apparently, when Funny Face and Lilwin’s beef started a few months ago, it was Adebayor who came out to tell him to stop.

But this time, he’s supporting and urging Funny Face to continue.

“Bro I’m right behind you with the guns”, he wrote.


Comedian and actor, Funny Face has labeled fellow actors Kalybos, Lilwin, and Bismark the Joke as the ‘3 idiots’.

Funny Face in a new video posted on his Instagram handle has said that enough is enough because these 3 folks are going about spoiling his name.

Talking about Lilwin, Funny Face said he has been lying on him for some time now, he (Funny Face) has decided to let the issue go but Lilwin is still on his lying spree against him. So he’s giving him last warning to stop or else he’ll expose his secrets.

Taking about Bismark the Joke, Funny Face said his fellow actor was hungry and struggling so he thought it wise to act ‘Cow and Chicken’ TV series with him but now that everything is okay with him (Bismark), he’s going about saying that he’s the owner of the TV series which is not true.

The father of twins then descended on Kalybos. Funny Face exposed on secret that he was interested in one lady in time past but Kalybos said it’s that very lady that he also wants to chop.

Funny noted that he allowed Kalybos to take over the girl since he feels that as friends, he can sacrifice a girl just to make a fellow brother happy.

But upon all these, Kalybos is now also tarnishing his image.

So all Funny Face is saying is that if they do not stop, he’ll come and expose all their dirty secrets.

Watch the video below:


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