Adebayor visits Funny Face at the psychiatry hospital

Emmanuel Adebayor and his best friend, Funny Face have re-united as the footballer paid him a visit at the psychiatry hospital.

In a photo and shared on Snapchat, Adebayor paid a visit to the in the of actor Fred Nuamah.

Funny Face was seen all happy to see his best friend once again.

Watch the video below:

When all these issues started with the celebrated actor born Benson Oduro Boateng, Adebayor was one of the people to advise him to stop sharing his private problems on social media.

But Funny Face refused to listen. After that, Adebayor doesn’t mind him again so many concluded that their friendship came to an end.

However, contrary to what is believed by many, their friendship is still thick and tight.


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