beautiful Ghanaian female police officer

One Ghanaian police officer looks so beautiful and curvy that, she can arrest every person in .

Ama Serwaa, a Ghanaian police officer has taken over social media with her heavily endowed body shape especially her obesity backside.

The Police officer looks so good that, non-criminals would confess to be one when she approaches them.

Take a view at her photos below and judge for yourself if she can’t arrest you so simple with her kind of body:


ama serwaa5 127629983 179676943864468 5638531249766104993 n

ama serwaa5 123443299 393764022035593 1556512770954647054 n

ama serwaa5 130725496 718934452070125 6864370937096558512 n

ama serwaa5 155582398 159521619334782 401525701973627249 n

ama serwaa5 152354035 786402002296799 6888505235122221818 n

ama serwaa5 149523305 472014100467383 4154044750985389005 n

ama serwaa5 134121770 458414835153238 5469361268146665589 n

ama serwaa5 146267118 3489048634527314 2407265173325728822 n

ama serwaa5 133527601 1764512683705013 6807973365970866 n


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