is still nursing a heartbreak after the biological mother of his 14 years old adopted son ‘John’ pick him away for reasons unknown to the public.

Everyone is left in dilemma wondering what could be the reason boy adopted at the age of 3 will be taken away 11 years on when no issue of maltreatment popped up. Well, one person who will surely have a filla is Mzbel’s current opponent, .

In a live video, the controversial TV Host alleges that the singer did not raise John in a good manner hence his mother’s decision to take him back is justified. “When you allow a 14-15 years old boy to drink smirnoff ice which is alcoholic, are you doing good to that child? So what will such child do when he gets to 18 or 19?” She said in the video.

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She further advised all mothers to do whatever it will take them to raise their own kids and never make any mistake of giving them to anyone all in the name of adoption or financial difficulties. Whatever you would have to do to raise your own child, do it don’t allow your kid to someone to spoil him for you. Afia added


She ended the video with a subtly jab to Mzbel. Pointing out that if she was to take bettercare of her adopted son, it would have been hers. “If you are able to take good care of someone’s something, it will become yours”.

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