Africa is one of the most endowed continents in the world however it can boast only of poverty, illiteracy, and mediocrity.

The continent has been blessed with every good thing that we need to conquer poverty and to make our lives better. Africa is yet to take a concrete step towards self-actualization.

Africa has been deprived of good leadership. However, it has breeds tyrants, power-drunk and thick-headed political activists who have done their countrymen no good.

Its nations continue to rely on external aids and support from past colonial masters. Some countries still spend the currency of their colonial masters and are directly controlled.

Although the entire Africa continent is politically free, it is yet to experience self-reliance and economic emancipation. This should never be the narrative but this is the sad reality that Africans live with every day.

Past Pan-African leaders like Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana was so passionate about the common good of the continent. On the day of the declaration of independence for the people of Ghana, he said that their independence is meaningless unless it is linked with the total liberation of the Africa continent.

Nkrumah had his ills but it is pretty obvious Africa has not picked any example from his footprints. Most African countries are still wallowing in abject deprivation although we have all the resources at our disposal.

This disappointment has been the catalyst that has propelled most African youth to seek asylum and greener pastures in other countries. The youth of Africa have no future and the popular mantra ‘You are the future leaders’ has been killed and buried by self-seeking leaders and clueless political nomenclatures.

Kwame Nkrumah once said: “Africa is far from being poor. It is Africans who are poor, not Africa”.