South African politician, MP, and Leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Sello Malema, has called for the use of local medicines to treat illnesses.

According to the popular social activist, Africa had relied on the use of local herbs, roots, and concoctions to treat various diseases and illnesses before the arrival of Western medications.

Therefore, he believes God has endowed the continent with what it needed to fight any diseases or viruses.

Julius Malema urged Africans to embrace and use local medicine to treat diseases and not wait for any foreign endorsement or verification.

“It can be proven scientifically that traditional medicines can heal. It is scientifically proven that these medicines were able to heal our people. They have made us be so scared of traditional medicine,” he said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed the lives of thousands across the world and till now there hasn’t been any certified vaccine from the World Health Organization.

Madagascar has claimed to have found the cure for the virus with the use of traditional medicine that it claims has the efficacy to heal COVID-19 patients. Many are skeptical about it while some African countries have also ordered the drug to be used on their patients.

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