Tracy Zille

Popular South African social media commenter, Tracy Zille, has opined that children do not in any way owe their parents anything for raising and taking them to school.

In her message directed to African parents especially, she remarked that children must be given the chance to build their lives instead of trying to meet the needs of their parents.

In her words, she wrote:

Can someone tell African parents that their children do not owe them anything for raising them and taking them to school. Stop this thing of making your children to pay you for raising them. They don’t owe you a new house.

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All they can do is to buy you food and clothes. You even hate their wives because you think they are there to take away you money bag/bank from you. When you see your successful child you see money.

Allow them to quickly build themselves so that they can start to build their wealth. Your children are not there to cover your failures in life.

Allow them to start afresh without spending years building you a house of your dreams and luxury car. 

tracy zille

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