Actress Ahoufe Patri has brushed off rumours swelling around her that she is in a relationship with singer Kwabena Kwabena.

“This is not the first rumour that has come out about me and it’s not the first rumour that is not true so I think maybe because it’s a news story you would see it out for a while but it is not true. I don’t know where it is coming from. It is actually ridiculous thinking about it, really,” she said when a listener of Drive Time on Joy FM sought her response to the growing rumours.

Host of Drive Time Lexis Bill asked, “so are you friends with Kwabena [Kwabena]?”

The actress, who came to the limelight through Kalybos’ ‘Boys Kasa’ series, replied, “I know him but I wouldn’t call us friends.”

She added that she does not have a personal relationship with him.

Ahuofe Patri, however, revealed that she loves Kwabena Kwabena’s music and her favourite is ‘Adult Music’.

Well, soon after Ahuofe Patri vehemently denied all these rumours, a social media influencer who works with EIB Network by name Ricky Rick has dropped a big exposé which indicates that Patri and Kwabena Kwabena lives in same house.

Ricky Rick taking to his Facebook wall wrote:

#Ricky_Leaks: So yesterday, Ahuorf3 Patri on Joy 99.7 FM denied having any form of relationship with Kwabena Kwabena following rumors of their sexual affairs.

– Ahuofe Patri admitted to “knowing” Kwabena Kwabena (only by his fame) but vehemently denied being even FRIENDS with him

– But Patri, you and Kwabena Kwabena dey “stay” ein house now oo….anaa??

– You wake up in the morning and upload daily pictures of your location (from his home) so where from all this denial maame………Kwabena is a fine gentleman and single nnti ad3n?

N/B: Pay close attention to the natural-stone wall texture design”

Take a look at the background of the photos below and connect the dots.