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Aisha Mordi expose Shatta Wale, claims he sleeps with his cousins

shatta wale and aisha mordi

Stonebwoy’s camp member, Aisha Mordi is looking for trouble from Shatta Wale.

A couple of days ago, she posted that Stonebwoy is the most hard-working musician in Ghana.

In her post on Instagram, she noted that while some people are sitting in their houses to lobby for collaborations, Stonebwoy goes out there to seal his own deals.

She wrote: “Someone sit home and lobby for collaborations, another man travels and seal deals for his brand to be recognized worldwide and enjoy all the returns after investing. At this Era we still have people comparing Stonebwoy to some artistes in Ghana here??.”

Talking further, Ayisha Mordi told music lovers that they wish their favorite musicians can be as hard-working as Stonebwoy. Thus, instead of hating on him, they should appreciate his efforts.

She added: “You wish your favorite artiste is working harder like Stonebwoy, appreciate his efforts and stop confusing yourselves by hating. Our Dancehall king ? is busy working . ?? wahala for the music comedians in Gh ?????. ###bhimnation”

image 2021 01 30 020246

After her post, a Shatta Wale fan came to comment that the fact that Stonebwoy decided to roam around in this era of Coronavirus to take pictures does not make him hard-working than others.

This comment from the Shatta fan pissed off Ayisha Mordi (she_loves_stonebwoy) so she also replied with harsh words.

In her response, she alleged that Shatta sleeps with his so-called cousins, so he should be told to stop that act and work hard.

Below is a screenshot of her response.

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Shatta Wale would surely not be happy when he sees this.


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