kennedy agyapong
kennedy agyapong

has said it time without number that he will say the truth until he dies.

Well, in a new interview, he spoke against how some appointees are employing their girlfriends and sidechicks to work in position instead of the foot soldiers who worked tirelessly to ensure that the party won the elections.

In an interview re-streamed by, Mr. Agyapong said this is one of the reasons he believes some footsoldiers chose not to volunteer and spread themselves out to campaign the way they did in 2016 leading to a hung parliament in 2020.


He said when he comes to the works on the grounds, that is the only time that footsoldiers are remembered.

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But when it comes to employment, the appointees go for their girlfriends and sidechicks.

He fumed that this must stop, “we will not agree. We have spent a hell lot of money for people to assume power and disrespect party people…” He said.

“This is what annoyed party members and they refused to vote. Party members sacrifice, you see how party members spread themselves out to campaign and worked hard but now when jobs come you don’t see these hardworking party members rewarded. You go and give it to your girlfriends … your what and what and what. It must stop! Some of us will make ourselves dead goats to save this party”.

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Over the years, the KEN City Media CEO has been advocating for average hardworking party members.

He believes they must also get rewarded for their hard work and sacrifice.

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