Akufo-Addo raised expectations but delivered little – John Mahama

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john mahama

NDC Presidential candidate, John Mahama has said that President Nana Addo in his 2016 manifesto made a lot of hefty promises but delivered little after he was elected to rule the country.

He made this known on Woezor TV where he has that Nana Addo knew very wellthat most of his promise could not be fulfilled yet, he made them.

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Mahama remarked that because of this, a lot of people are disappointed in the NPP Government.

“He raised expectations so high but was very low on delivery.

“You can see people feel disappointed in his administration saying this democracy is not working for them,” he said.

Bragging about his achievements, the flagbearer said he had more to show for his tenure than the governing government.

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“My opponent comes nowhere near me in terms of my record.

“I built schools, I built hospitals, I repaired the roads. We expanded Tema ports. We built terminal three and the University of Ghana Medical Hospital,” John Mahama stressed.

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