Alikoto – Anadwofa

On his quest to help more and more people and relax well, continues to creatively explore elements that will help his quest and help him achieve his goals.

He imagines and hopes for a world where unplugging from the and noise will be as as taking one’s clothes off at the end of a long day. This comes as no surprise as he releases yet another well-crafted ‘sleep’ song.

‘Anadwofa’ is an Akan word which means nighttime. The night has a powerful calming effect on our minds as it synchronises with our natural circadian rhythm
(-wake cycle) and mostly signals sleep.


It is from this power that seeks to harness this song. This song was designed with the calmness of a peaceful rainy night in mind.

Stream Anadwofa here:

Elements of rain sounds and night sounds were laced into this song to help a more relaxing effect on the listener. ensured that African instruments like
Djembe, Wooden Mallet, Marimba and Viola were also used in creating this masterpiece.

This song was made possible through Smokey The Creator who helped with music production.


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