Alikoto Biography: Who Is Alikoto?

Alikoto, also known as Samson Osei, is a music and a creative who started his creative music journey in 2022. He makes music in collaboration with other creatives and usually dabbles in New Age music.

His music spans spa music, meditation music, music, nature music and relaxation music. He has always been fascinated by sounds that have a calming effect on the mind and nerves and so this venture comes quite naturally to him.


He hopes to be recognized as one of the pillars when it comes to New Age music in Africa.

Who Is Alikoto?

Samson Osei, also known as Alikoto, is a Ghanaian entrepreneur, food scientist and creative born and raised in Accra, Ghana. Having up a number of businesses of which Alikoto Music Consult (established 2018) is part, he decided to embark on his creative journey in 2022 by releasing music.

Alikoto has been a music for over 7 years now and started his music executive journey as an artist manager before proceeding into other aspects of the music business.

Some of the artists and labels he has worked/works with are DJ Mensah, Efya, Sarkodie, Joey B, Darkovibes, La Meme Gang, Hammer of The Last Two, Bosom P-Yung, DJ Paak, Famous Bobson, Iphxne Dj, Warner Music UK, Universal Music among many others.

As an entrepreneur and food scientist, Alikoto has three young start-ups which are: Alikoto Music Consult (, Mushroom Kings
( and Verdure Africa (a food processing company he co-founded).

These three companies are serving a great purpose in by helping to solve some challenges facing society at the moment.

Alikoto enjoys exploring new things and taking on new challenges that are purposeful and in line with his beliefs and principles. He wishes to positively impact as many people as possible through what he does and help make the world a better place one kind deed at a time.


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