The Rastafarian who was denied admission into Achimota Senior High School is a brilliant student and Celebrities Buzz has gathered little information on him.

The authorities of the school are said to have denied admission to two students who were posted there under the Computer School Placement System (CSSPS) because the rules of the school did not allow students with dreadlocks to be admitted.

Social media was yesterday awash with arguments for and against the decision of the school authorities when the father of one of the students took to Facebook to protest the school’s decision.

Many may think with the heavy dread on his head, he wouldn’t be a brilliant student but it is far from that.

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The Rastafarian was the School Prefect of his previous school.

He also is said to have bagged an aggregate of 6 in his BECE exams meriting him to be placed at Achimota Senior High School.

Below is the video of the detailed information about him:

Meanwhile, GES has in separate news ordered the school to reverse their decision and admit the student.

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