A Ghanaian lady identified as Nana Adwoa Henewaa has said that she’s no particularly impressed with Beyonce’s Already video with Shatta Wale.

According to her, she was expecting the video to be shot at beautiful places in Ghana instead of the filthy places we saw in the music video.

She noted that Beyonce said the Black Is King film is to preach to the world about the uniqueness of Africa but showing filthy parts only communicates the message that Africa is a land of poverty.

Read her full words below:

 “I personally do not think the video to the already song made sense..like I really love that song and had higher expectations for the video looking at the lyrics and all..but after seeing people sitting on trees, a man standing among goats in a filthy environment, a child in a filthy background..just like how can CNN, Aljazeera etc has been portraying Africa…like, the song talks about African identity linking it with royalty..how can our brothers and sisters displaced out there, would want to relate with poverty..who would want to be a royal in filth..Ghana has colorful cultures and beautiful places..this could’ve been shown..hmm  Anyways..congrats to Shatta Wale! ”