You know when Ghanaian musician Becca married her husband Daniel Tobi, he came under heavy criticisms.

And as you might all know, the death of Blackman George Floyd by a white police officer is causing a social media uproar which gave birth to #BlackLivesMatter initiative.

At the back of this, influential people are coming out to speak against racism.

However, Becca thinks it’s hypocrisy for Africans for that matter Ghanaians to be fighting racism in the United States whiles they criticise someone for marrying a fellow African.

“You are here in Africa fighting and advocating racism in the US but in your church/home, you are criticizing and judging someone for marrying a fellow African because they are not from your hometown/country/church… Damn Hypocrites!!!”, she tweeted.

Actress Ama K. Abebrese after seeing Becca’s tweet stood to differ. In a counter-response, she told the ‘You Lied to Me” crooner that both racism and tribalism is not good. However, it’s not good on her side to compare both. And that the fact that tribalism isn’t fought actively doesn’t mean racism shouldn’t be fought.

Ama’s tweet reads:

“Sis they are both wrong, however it’s incomparable to equate the fight for the systemic racism in the USA to African tribalism in marriage and hypocrisy . You can highlight that without appearing to diminish the fight about police brutality. Murder is not marriage. Love always.”

After her tweet, a few people came out saying Ama has a secret beef with Becca which she came out to clear the air that her reply was constructive and not borne out of hatred or anything.

She tweeted:

“If anyone thinks this is a beef with  @beccafrica , they are sadly wrong. This is a discourse and I get where sis is coming from and it is valid; though I may not agree with the comparison.  Let’s be united in love and stand up to injustice wherever we see it, home and abroad.”