Footages from Old Fadama, the location of the untimely demolition shows that, the Accra Metropolitan Authority which earlier on carried out the demolition exercise that rended many homeless has provided temporary shelters in the form of canopies.

The structures were mounted at the affected areas for the displaced residents to sleep under for the interim awaiting a more suitable relief if any. However, many of those affected abandoned the structures. According to them, canopies cannot protect them from harsh weather conditions and mosquitoes.

Many individuals and organizations condemned this demolition with the AMNESTY international referring to it as untimely and insensitive to human rights.

Aside AMNESTY, freelance journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni equally questioned why this demolition exercise was carried out at a time where government gave a directive that people should stay at home. “You force everyone, including the homeless, to stay at home. Then you demolish part of a slum without providing them with homes.”..he said in a statement.

The main thing that many people seem not to understand is this; if AMA demolished the structures to pave way for the dredging of the Korle Lagoon, why are they providing shelters at the same place? Have they realized their mistakes?