Another Heartbreaking photo’s of Patiance sleeping on the Floor due to lack of beds has caught the attention of Efia Odo.

img 5405
Patience left In chairs due to lack of bed

Infrastructure has long ago been one of the major problems of this country, student’s go to school and has to study under trees, even those who has some little buildings struggles to get chairs and tables resulting to sitting on the floor during lesson periods.

For Hospitals, the less we talk about it the better because it is more sad compared to that of the school. Pregnant women even in labor do not get beds to rest on and all this sums up to the poor level of infrastructure in Ghana.

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Now all we have to do is to pray for who stated in a tweet that one of the things she will tackle the day she will be rich is to to handle to help the country in upgrading our poor infractions.


“l pray to be wealthy so l can upgrade the infrastructures in our country. From hospitals to schools etc” she stated

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