AMG Business signee, Mawuli Younggod couldn’t quote a correct bible verse


Mawuli Younggod has just set social media ablaze after failing to correctly quote a bible verse to support a piece of advice he gave out.

The ‘Container Money’ star whiles advising the youth to consider quitting womanizing if they want to make it big in life quoted Hebrews 14 as his reference.

AMG Business signee, Mawuli Younggod couldn't quote a correct bible verse

Clearly, the book of Hebrews ends at Chapter 13.

He has since been roasted alive on social media.

The talented singer recently converted to Islam and had his name changed to Abdul Maleek.

Below is his full statement:

“Converted to a Muslim & will soon marry a Muslim. There’s so much peace & love in Islam. This has been my dream for a very long time. Glad I did it. ALHAMDULILLAH  ALLAH IS THE GREATEST
Proud Muslim  Abdul Maleek Younggod.”

Many are demanding he quote a verse from the Quran to support his advice because he is now part of the Islam Religion.

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