If you’re going to apologize for the wrong you have done to someone, you will have to mean it.

You can’t be done apologising for your mistakes and continue to repeat the same mistakes that you have apologised for the other day.

If you are not ready to change and will repeat the same mistakes you did in the first place, then don’t apologize at all, don’t put the person through the same thing again.

An apology without change is just nothing but pure manipulation.

You have to accept the facts that you are at fault and ready to change before apologising to the person you’ve wronged… it shows that you mean it.

It hurts to see a person you’ve forgiven in the first place repeats the same things that he or she has done before. It makes you feel so bad because you meant it when you’ve forgiven he/her… you feel like you have been used.

Let’s learn to apologise sincerely.

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh