CelebrityBuzz has been informed reliably that, you took offence from our previous publication regarding your supposed Youtube earnings and actually went to the extent of using unprintable words on the staff of our organization coupled with series of allegations. We will like to state categorically that, celebritiesbuzz does not have any relation whatsoever with Sarkodie or angel town as claimed in your snapchat posts.

We however did not take your attacks as a surprise because we, together with all well meaning Ghanaians know well that, aside talent, the rise to fame of the brand Shatta Wale was through controversy and total disrespect to others who have long been in the music scene/fame before you. This is evident from the numerous attacks you launched on the Dancehall maestro, Samini, Stonebwoy and the likes, as well as the industry players and award organizers.

The second reason why we will tolerate your vile derogatory remarks against us is the mere fact that, your kind of behavior is typical of losers. Socrates once said that, when the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser. We understand your behavior perfectly and we refuse to be drawn into same basket with you.

The fact remains irrefutable that you stand as one of the biggest musicians in Ghana and we give due respect to that. However, we would like to inform you that, irrespective of your attacks on our outfit, we still stand by our previous publication.

As a celebrity news outlet, we owe our followers, both local and international, a duty to make sure nobody, not even you will use their celebrity status to throw dust into their eyes and get away with it. We made a very simple demand. If you earned the quoted amount of $65,000 just this year (from January to June 2020), we are challenging you to publish the details for public judgement.

The figures on your youtube platform and the amount you are quoting do not corelate in anyway. Your refusal to publish the said detail will only mean one thing: you lied to your followers.

We will keep performing our duty by watching you together with all other celebrities in Ghana closely. Any attempt to deceive the public for fame will be exposed without any hesitation. Have a nice day.