Angry Taxi driver punches his colleague Taxi driver to death with one blow during misunderstanding

A video trending online captures two taxi drivers having a slight misunderstanding a while before one punched the other to his near death.

Sometimes, it is for our own good when we control our anger. A Taxi driver who couldn’t control his almost ended up having a death man placed on his doorstep.

A trending video captures the driver and a colleague having a scuffle. At some point of the misunderstanding, they almost exchanged blows but were separated.

However, the ‘near-dead’ Taxi driver walked closer to the one who punched him to confront him angrily the more.


The suspect in retaliation tried punching him which resulted in an exchange of blows between them. During their fight, a heavy blow landed on the chin of the near-dead driver and he fell flat on the floor.

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Celebrities Buzz is unclear whether the video is current or not.

Watch the video below:

Let’s control our temper…


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